On the day we began our drive up the Dempster highway we were up at a leisurely 8:00 a.m.

“What’s the rush?” I asked myself.

Then I thought about it…

In the middle of town lies the famous MILE 0 signpost where all tourist head for the obligatory photo op.

Would it be busy? I wondered.

Both of us were anxious to hit the Dempster and in no mood to wait in a crowded parking lot for our turn to take pictures.

I didn’t want an elaborate celebratory portrait, just a quick…

1… 2… 3…


… OK, we’re done, now let’s get out of here photo basically just to document the moment.

And that’s exactly what we got.

Looking back at the photos now, the framing was off and not properly centred but… what the heck, we don’t mind being the photography novices that we are.

Nevertheless… we took lots and lots of pictures on the Dempster Highway…

…and sadly most of them are not quite the intended shots.

You see… I was the sort of person who thought that my iPhone camera was more than enough for my photography needs.

Frank had procured a GOPRO for me last year, but I became frustrated when it became clear that the camera didn’t like me. I was continually fumbling with it’s buttons and attachments. It always took several tries to turn it on, work my way through all the settings then several more tries to turn it off. By that time, I had significantly worn down the battery so quickly that it was useless to me and out of frustration I returned to my trusty iPhone.

However, like friendships, family and marriage, there are always quirks that make themselves known to you later on in the relationship and you realize you just have to accept them.

Case in point:

While watching the scenery go by me, something will catch my eye. After a moment’s thought I realize this would make a good shot.

This is when the following happens…

1. Reach for the camera

2. Turn it on

3. Phone acknowledges being turned on by asking for FACE ID

4. Lift up phone to head level to enable face recognition

5. Phone screen shakes out a NO to convey that my face has not been recognized due to poor positioning or shaking car


7. Enter in four digit pass code

8. Phone conveys wrong code entered because I was rushing

9. Re-enter four digit password

10. Re-enter four digit code because the car is shaking

11. Phone acknowledges correct passcode

12. Swipe up to discard update information

13. Swipe up to discard low battery level

14. Swipe up to discard messenger notifications

15. Swipe left to access photo app

16. Swipe left again

17. And again

18. Click on app

19. Choose photo preferences

20. Find target on camera screen and position accordingly

By this time, I had missed the intended shot which was now half a kilometre behind me.

This happened not once, or twice but every single time I wanted to take a picture.

And it gets even sillier…

Many times I would reach for my phone to find it wasn’t even there. Being so small and sleek it easily slipped under the seat, between the cushions, even through my fingers.

So, you may be asking how this all worked out.

Well… I don’t know, and we’re only halfway through the trip.

I’m working on it.

But remember what I wrote earlier about family, friends, marriages and all the quirks you end up having to live with?

I’m guessing that it’s going to end up kind of like that.