Travel day fourteen brought us oil rigs, more salt flats, long trains, buffalo and even some dust devils skipping their way across the prairie fields.

After a long day’s drive just before 3:00 p.m. we pulled off the highway and made our way to the Eagle Valley Park in Maple Park, Saskatchewan.

We were told by the front desk to drive around the park until we found an acceptable sight.

Our drive through and around the camp was delightful.

The grounds struck me more to be an orchard rather than a campground. The trees were of medium height and plentiful. They struck me as about to come into full bloom.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

If I had to describe what came to mind as I looked around was Ann of Green Gables “white way of delight.”

We found something towards the front of the campground not far from the entrance, but a good distance from the campground office.

The regular campers were already well entrenched into their own little corners. They had gone through a lot of work and thought into decorating their decks and providing lots of play equipment to keep the kids happy. I was particularly impressed that there was even a doll house provided for anyone who would like to partake in mud pies and imaginary cups of tea.

I would join them in a heartbeat.

With our tour of the campground complete, we returned to the office to pay for our spot.

While Frank was inside the office I enjoyed looking at the Caribbean motifs dappled across the entrance to the office. There was a makeshift hut made from aluminum siding with a finely crafted mock straw thatched roof. This most likely housed their indoor pool which was available to guests for five dollars a person.


My favourites decorations were the plastic palm trees. Don’t ask me why, they just seemed to fill this silly void in me where I question…

“Why has no one ever thought before to bring the Caribbean to the prairies?”

Something tells me that you’ve often wondered that yourself too.

For the rest of the evening Frank and I watched the red-breasted nuthatches play tag in the trees. He asked me at one point if I wanted to walk up to the office and see their cool Caribbean restaurant and bar complete with wifi.

That’s when I couldn’t help but take a glance over to the dollhouse. It seemed painfully lonely and empty. That’s where I really wanted to be. I wondered if there were any kids who could help me make up a batch of mud pies and some imaginary tea.

You see…

… I just happen to have this really great recipe.