Our arrival in Winnipeg was a happy one. Plus there were many introductions to go around. My youngest daughter Aria and her husband had never met Ginny, their new niece.

Since we visited them last summer they had adopted a beautiful dog and called her Nymera. There was a whole lot of lip smacking and tail wagging and everyone was happy.

Our camper fit easily into their backyard and we were able to hook into their water and electricity which effectively turned us into… “moochdockers.”

The weather was accommodating, welcoming and unseasonably warm.

Aria had prepared a spare bedroom for Jen and Ginny.

Now that Jennifer and Ginny were no longer staying in the camper that freed up a significant amount of space, which we filled right back up again after we had restocked. We had also booked an appointment to have the camper’s oil changed.

In the meantime Aria and Steve kept bringing on the meals and treats and continued to spoil us with good cooking and happy times.

It was lovely staying with them.