Our first full day of camping in Sault Ste. Marie was a busy one.

Frank was up at 7 AM for the sole purpose of hitting the camp showers early.

Why not use our own showers you may ask?

Well, these KOA camp showers are really exceptional. It’s like a country club or pretty close to it I imagine, not that I’ve ever been in a country club before.

These showers are big, shiny, modern, clean and equipped with rainwater shower-heads and blow dryers.

Jennifer was the next one to indulge in a hot shower. I went last.

Then, it was time to give baby Ginny a bath which we did in the kitchen sink.

I wish I would’ve taken pictures.

Unfortunately both my hands were busy propping up three month old Ginny as her Mother soaped up and rinsed her off. Ginny mewled, splashed and kicked in protest.

Looking back, I realize now that my small and humble kitchen sink will never wash anything so precious again.

I decided for dinner that day I would make a pot of my beef barley soup in my handy-dandy Insta pot. This proved to be much easier to prepare in my tiny kitchen than I had expected. Twenty minutes to prepare, thirty minutes to cook and finally twenty minutes to vent.

As they say in the movies… “Easy Peasy.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Frank had insisted that I accompany him to the KOA campground store. I didn’t have to think too hard to figure out why. The day before he had gone to the same store and purchased two small lawn ornament poles, one for each of his brothers.

Along with the polls he bought two Harley Davidson flags to go along with them.

He got the idea for these tenting flagpoles while camping here last year. One of our neighbouring campers who approached us and asked if we thought the camp would allow his MIA flag.

We told him no. There would be no problem.

As it turns out, he also purchased a pole for us as well and now he wanted me to go and pick out a flag for it. Once at the store it didn’t take me too long to find my flag. In fact it was pretty much the first one I had seen.

It was whimsical.

It was colourful.

It was my kind of kitschy.

The flag depicted a gnome sporting the customary felt red pointy hat standing next to a red and white polkadotted mushroom. The caption read…

“Welcome Gnome.”

Later that evening we watched the movie Pure Country, one of our old family favourites starring George Strait.

We were all in bed by 10.

Tomorrow we would head for Thunder Bay.

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