Woke up at 7 AM, left the park by 9 o’clock and pulled into Tim Hortons for breakfast.

Goodbye Parry Sound.

Today was Mother’s Day. Actually, it was a very special Mother’s Day because Jen was celebrating her very first one.

For the very first time I wished my daughter a very happy Mother’s Day.

Later, at about one in the afternoon, my interest was piqued when we drove by a very scenic resort called Lake Lauzon Resort and Marine. With Lake Superior on the left and forests on the right, this looked like a place where I could really spend some serious camping time.

We pulled over for lunch and to give Ginny her bottle.

By the beautiful scenery, it was obvious that we were working our way in to a more and more picturesque terrain.

Later, as we rambled down the highway now leading to Blind River, I couldn’t help notice Bobby-Dog perched in between me and Frank atop layers of cushions and pillows covering our cooler and barbecue. He seemed stoic in his determination not to give into bobbing his head the the bobble headed dogs familiar to any souvenir shop…

…although I rather wished he did.

Meanwhile, Jen’s attention seemed focused on the scenery from the grand vista courtesy of the large window to her left.

About 112 kilometres outside of Sault St. Marie and just on the outskirts of Blind River it looked like the trees were just coming out of their dormant stage and had yet to get that soft green dusting that heralds the imminent budding of leaves.

So far this trip, I had seen only cows and horses. I am happy to report that I could now add yaks to the repertoire.

84 kilometres outside Sault St. Marie we passed a sign saying that if we would turn left ahead, the road will take us to Tessalon.

The lakes we have seen so far are the colour of my father’s star sapphire ring, a nice accompaniment to the powder blue skies.

I had told Jen earlier in the day that we would indeed be witness to the beauty of Ontario.

We were not disappointed.

By 2:00 p.m. we were entering the township of Bruce Mines. We had already passed barren fields where evidence of mines could be seen in the distance.

At this point Echo Bay was 40 kilometres ahead and Sault St. Marie was 64.

As I contemplated that, I promised myself at one of the first things I would do when we arrived an settled at the camp I would seek out a long, hot shower.

By the sound of Ginny’s rising squeaks coming from behind me I sensed that my three-month-old granddaughter was pretty much feeling the same way I was.

As this is going on, Bobby dog moved his head back and forth casting a sorrowful glance towards Ginny and her mewling. He then looked at me and seemed to implore me to make it stop.

As Frank predicted we arrived in Sault Ste. Marie at 3:30 PM. It was close call because we first had to find a propane dealer and fill our depleted tanks. After scouring the streets for 20 minutes very nice lady at the Sault Ste. Marie trading post directed Frank to go down a few more lights where they have a propane dispensary.

Sure enough, there it was. Thirty dollars worth of propane later we were heading for the campground.

The sight of the KOA campground came as a welcomed relief after the mud and grime of the Parry Sound campground. Everything here is orderly and neatly groomed. We were allotted to the back of the campgrounds next to the rental cabins, out-of-the-way of continual traffic from the head office.

I was the proverbial happy camper.

After we were all hooked up Frank and I decided on sandwiches since the majority of the meat was in the freezer. I made turkey on rye with cheese alongside a pot of soup.

It turned out to be a pleasant and quiet evening.

That is until we turned on the television shortly after eight and tuned in to the Toronto Raptors game. The three of us watched while Little Ginny slept oblivious to the game and the high tensions being felt by all the fans including us.

During the last five seconds of the game the Raptors threw the ball towards the net where it teetered on the brink until fortune favoured the team of the true north and gently, the ball tipped into the basket. The crowds went wild and so did we.

It was at that very moment of jubilation when we woke our sleeping princess and she was not happy.

She did not go back to sleep until 1:00 a.m.