Our first night in the camper for this journey across Canada went by peacefully. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind the kitchen table made into a bed once it was covered in a sheet and paired off with a pillow and blanket. She said she slept well as did the baby beside her in a portable bassinet. The usual 4 o’clock a.m. feeding went off without incident. Later, Jen would tell me that her bed in the camper was more comfortable than the bed assigned to her in the hospital for labour and delivery.

For breakfast we had frosted flakes cereal. For lunch, standard pork and beans.

For dinner, we finally got to have on our steak and asparagus.

We tried to stay upbeat to offset our mud brown surroundings and sloshy roads. Meanwhile, the interior of the camper became immersed in a routine of meal preparation, baby bottle washing, sterilizing and preparing infant formula.

In the afternoon Jen and I enjoyed a card game of rummy. I’m embarrassed to say that she beat me quite soundly in spite of years of experience playing rummy with my father who had taught me to play when I was around six years old right along with Go Fish. In the end it was all great fun of course.

For the majority of day two in Parry Sound, we spent the day inside the camper due to cool temperatures.

Towards the end of the day Frank got out the propane fire ring which would be our obligatory evening campfire.

We wrapped baby Ginny up in the plush velour brown blanket and carried her to the picnic bench where we bounced her on our knees best we could. It wasn’t long however before she tired of that as did our knees.

It was lights out at 10.

Tomorrow we would head for Sault Sainte Marie.