The address of Grandfather’s church was 257 Euclid Avenue, Toronto.

In the top left corner you can see Oma, another church member then Opa standing by the entrance of their parsonage.

Looking at all the dresses and suits, this photo gives me a keen sense on how serious the men and women of the church were about being part of a sharply dressed congregation.

The photo in the middle is, left to right, my Father, me, my Grandmother, my aunt and then her husband and my uncle holding my cousin Veronica and then lastly Opa.

In the bottom left photo is Opa Scherer proudly standing at his pulpit. In the right photo is the church’s congregation. That’s me sitting on the ledge between Oma and Opa in front of the parsonage door. Judging by my age I would say this photo was taken 1961-62.

If you were to visit 257 Euclid Avenue today you would find that the church has since been replaced by fashionable condos. Long gone are any traces of this church.

I am grateful that Oma and Opa left us these important historical gems for all of us to look back on and be proud of.