I love that word because this is how my Grandmother opened all of her letters and postcards. My Grandfather always ended his letters by quoting scripture, usually from the Psalms.

Since receiving the archival boxes containing Oma and Opa’s lifetime of letters, postcards, photographs and other joyful ephemera, I’ve wondered how it can best shared with family.

I don’t know why it took me so long to think of using social media to document their daily lives.

I promise to try and keep the flowery adjectives and adverbs at bay. I know that family members have their own memories. They can easily fill in any interpretive blanks that I may leave behind.

There’s a lot of material.

I’ll try to keep it interesting, but family members know that this stuff of memories never gets old.

Please pray that God will deliver me from spelling mistakes, bad syntax as well as the other multitudes of blogging sins that continually haunt my posts.

Do check back for updates.