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In an attempt to gain a deeper insight of what bridal shower games are available for my daughter’s upcoming bridal shower other than the…

‘Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game…’

I took the liberty of asking a coworker what her favorite bridal shower game was.

If you’ll remember from my previous post the…

‘Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game…’

…was the bride-to-be’s personal choice for favourite shower game that she wanted to see included in the festivities.

My coworker’s answer to the question I had put to her was:

“I really like the one where you have to put on pantyhose with oven mitts.”

“Could you repeat that please,” I asked her, hoping that I had heard her wrong.

She repeated it for me, and sadly, yes…

…I had heard her correctly the first time.

I was horrified.

Can you imagine a roomful of women who are already impeccably dressed up for a bridal shower and then asking them to participate in a game by putting on a pair of pantyhose while wearing oven mitts.

I couldn’t.

It was just to painful for me to think about.

Seeing the look on my face, my coworker tried to soften her suggestion by laughingly adding:

“It’s a hoot.”

Only if you enjoy watching women go into contortions, I thought to myself.

My luck, someone would probably put their back out.

I resolved not to ask anymore opinions on shower games.

It was just too dangerous.

The following Sunday, I found myself at a local dollar store picking up odds and ends for the shower.

This included the 36 rolls of toilet paper for the favoured shower game. Thirty guests were invited, and they were to be broken up into groups of thee. That would make three rolls per group plus a few extra rolls for good measure.

In an attempt to make the game a little more interesting I decided to purchase a few additional items to help guests add their own personal touches as they construct their versions of the perfect toilet paper wedding dress:

Scotch tape
Duct tape
Crepe paper
Plastic shower curtains

There, I thought to myself as I watched the cashier bag it up…

I found myself beginning to look forward to the utter madness of the upcoming bridal shower games.

Bring it on.

Photo taken by Holly Gonçalves