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The date we had set for Aria’s bridal shower was June 14.

My oldest daughter Jennifer volunteered to throw the shower.

She booked the hall, arranged the luncheon and picked out the door prizes.

Aria would fly in from Winnipeg for two weeks. This would give her time to finalize her wedding plans and attend her bridal shower.

I had booked off two weeks from work as well. One week before the shower and the week after the shower. One week to prepare, and the following week to recover.

Coincidentally, June 14 date set for the shower was also my parents wedding anniversary.

And that did not exactly end well.

Maybe this is why I found myself so nervous about Aria’s bridal shower.

I really had nothing to fear.

Actually, I did have something to fear.

Aria’s bachelorette party was being held on June 13, the night before her bridal shower.

You would be scared too.

In spite of Aria’s profuse promises that she would still be among the living and hangover free, I still had my doubts.

Then with only days to go before the shower, Aria told me that her bachelorette party had been moved from one night before the shower to two nights before the shower.

Good news indeed.

When Jennifer asked Aria if there was anything that she wanted to see included in the shower, she responded that she wanted the…

“Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game.”

To be honest, I didn’t much like the sounds of that.

Upon asking for details, I was told that the ladies are split up into groups and given reams of toilet paper. Their job is then to dress a member of their group in a wedding dress fashioned from..

You guessed it…

Toilet paper.

After the allotted time is up, a Fashion show is then held where models show off their toilet paper wedding dresses.

The bride-to-be then picks the winner.

This game struck me as messy, wasteful, and a recipe for disaster.

Both my daughters did their best to calm my fears.


Trying to put it out of my mind, I scoured the Internet for a few games of my own.

I successfully managed to find four games that I thought would do nicely, mostly quizzes on wedding-lore and famous couples. After printing off thirty sets on the computer, I collated and stapled them.


On the day of the shower, I had no idea what to expect.

By 9:00 a.m., we had packed the car with at least a dozen boxes and bags containing all the fixings for throwing a bridal shower: candy, gifts, cake pops, tape, scissors, games, flowers, and forty rolls of toilet paper.

Jen and I had two hours to set up before the guests would begin to arrive.

Seeing as we had lots of stuff to put together, my thoughts as we pulled out of the driveway were:

Will we be ready in time for the guests?

We had so much to do!

This one’s going to be close.