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Yesterday was “New Washing Machine Day” at our house.

Our three year old washing machine broke down ten days ago.

My husband figured that the problem was the wiring for the lid lock .

A visit to our local appliance centre was in order. He ordered the replacement wiring which cost $100.00. We were told it should arrive in a week. They had none in stock because this was a common problem, and this part virtually flew off the shelves.

A week later after the new wiring arrived Frank installed it.

No luck.

I was not surprised.

To be honest, I never much liked that washing machine anyway.

Three years ago, I was compelled to get the new HE energy efficient model.

There was no agitator.

The instruction manual explained that I was to distribute the clothes evenly around the outside of the drum and leave the centre of the machine free of laundry so that the machine would “swirl” my clothes clean.

Like I haven’t heard that one before…

From the first day I brought it home I knew there would be trouble.

It began with the lid lock.

Once I pressed the start button after making my selections on the washing machine panel, the lid lock slammed into place with a huge metallic clang as it immediately placed the laundry into lockdown mode.

My washing machine literally locked me out as it went through all of it’s cycles.

There was no way I could get back into that machine without a fight.

For example, if I happen to find a sock that had dropped and I wanted to include it with the load, I would try to open the lid.

“No dice,” my washing machine would reply.

“Please,” I would say.

My washing machine told me that they’d think about it.

“Check back with me in five minutes,” it said as it sat there…

…And did nothing!

After five minutes, the machine decided to disengage the lid lock.

After inserting the renegade sock, I would re-start the machine.

After the lid lock slammed into place, there would be a soft buzz.

I was told that this was sound of the sensor as it determined how much laundry was in the tub.

Why was it sensing for load level when I had clearly pushed the heavy load button?

And another soft buzz followed.

The machine was obviously in no hurry.

I was not amused.

At least five minutes passed before I could hear the sound of water running into the drum of the washing machine

It took approximately one hour for the machine to do the load, start to finish before I heard the buzzer announcing that the laundry was now complete.

However, it took another five whole minutes, during which the washing machine held my laundry hostage, before it finally disengaged the lid lock and finally released the clean clothes into my custody.

I felt no remorse whatsoever last weekend as my husband and I made the trip to our local appliance store and picked out a new washing machine.

It arrived today.

Imagine my joy as I commenced the initial load by closing the lid of this new washing machine with no clang of the lid lock being engaged.

What I did hear was the immediate sound of running water as it began it’s wash cycle.

There was no more five minute wait for the load sensor’s approval.

From this day forward, the only thing getting agitated would be the laundry…

…and not my nerves.