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It was with a glad heart that I accompanied daughter Aria, the bride-to-be with her sister Jennifer, my eldest, to visit the venue where her wedding and reception will take place.

When I learned that she had chosen this site to hold her wedding and reception I was very happy.

It all felt so serendipitous.

I worked in this same hotel in 1979, as a member of the housekeeping staff.

There were times when I was working nights while a wedding celebration was taking place when I stopped to marvel at how beautiful the weddings here were.

Of course, there has been a lot of changes to this hotel over the decades that followed.

A major renovation was done about five years ago. New floors were added making the hotel taller and sleeker. It was a total hotel beauty makeover.

We then met with our two wedding planners to finalize arrangements for the meal and reception.

Thankfully, most of the major decisions had already been made, but there were still a few small ones left to be discussed. That is, after all, the reason why we were there.

After asking us about the receiving line, the bar selections, and the hors d’oeuvres, our wedding consultants asked us if someone will be saying grace before the meal.

“Yes,” I replied.

Actually, up until that moment, I never even thought about it.

It was customary for the minister to say grace, but we were having an officiant, and they would not be present for the dinner.

That’s when my mind started panicking over who would be willing and comfortable enough to say grace before the wedding feast.

It was then when I heard the calm voice of my bride-to-be daughter as she gently interrupted the thoughts that had me momentarily distracted.

“Mom, we talked about it and we don’t want grace being said before dinner.”

The discussion came to an unexpected halt as all eyes fell on me.

I had a keen sense that the wedding planners had actually stopped breathing as they worriedly waited for my reaction.

I thought it over for a moment.

“Okay,” I said. “That’s fine.”

Had times been different, I might have put up a fuss.

This was not the time.

It is fairly certain that before the meal begins there will still be a plethora of grace and prayer bubbles rising up to heaven from many of us who are gathered together to celebrate my daughter’s wedding.

These prayers will be giving thanks for the meal we are about to receive, as well as prayers of thanks for the union of this happy couple.

No doubt, I’m sure you will agree that the largest prayer bubble of thanks generated that day will be coming from a very happy mother-of-the-bride.