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Over the past month a new TV series has become very popular at our home.

It is a British travel series hosted by Richard Ayoade. Perhaps you know him from another television show, Gadget Man which he hosts as well.

Richard enjoys critiquing his travels with a dry acerbic humour that leads you to thirst for his deadpan punchlines. He amuses me to no end.

Over the course of four television shows, he and his travelling guest companions take exciting weekend excursions to Barcelona, Istanbul, Iceland, and Madagascar.

There was something that Richard Ayoade did during his episode on Istanbul that left me gobsmacked.

(I’ve included a link to this particular episode at the end of this post, so you can watch it for yourself if you like.)

As Richard and his travelling companion stood admiring the vista of ancient churches in Istanbul, he took a selfie of himself and his guest with his cell phone.

He then explained to his television audience that thanks to a software app called…


The picture he just took will, at the press of a button, be sent as a postcard to whomever he chooses.


…I thought to myself.

That is one slick way to send a postcard.

Of course I had to check this out.

Much to my pleasant surprise, when I looked it up in the App Store I learned that my husband had already downloaded it.

This was astonishing because I don’t think he’s ever sent a postcard in his life.

He must’ve really been impressed with this app.

Software generated postcards seem nifty, but no one, and I mean no one could generate hand written postcards, with all the old fashioned lick’em and stick’em accoutrements like my Grandmother.

She carried in her purse all the fixings for a postcard as well as formal stationary, accompanying photographs, scissors, tape, and a never ending roll of stamps.

Nevertheless I’m quite sure that my Grandmother would have made really good use of this newly discovered app.

How do I know this?

You see, my Grandmother also happened to be a bit of a shutterbug herself.

When I try to imagine her response to this cell phone generated postcard I can almost feel her glee. I wish she could have experienced the ultimate convenience that all of us already take for granted. No longer do we have to take our camera film to the store to be developed before we can enjoy our photographs.

I find myself looking forward to signing up with this new app and purchasing some postage credits so that I can always be at the ready to send a friend or loved one a postcard made from an impromptu picture that I had taken.

No doubt, there are many of you…

(And you know who you are)

…Who are currently nodding your head in agreement as you know me all too well.

On the other hand there are those of you cringing at the thought of me taking yet another selfie of the two of us.

Nevertheless, you can consider yourself warned.

Keeping that in mind, please prepare yourselves to…



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