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There is a photograph that I grew very fond of as a child.

This photograph was a framed picture that hung in my Aunt’s dining room in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a very old picture picture of my elderly Great-Grandmother sitting beside what appeared to be a lake.

She was sitting in front of a spinning wheel as she spun yarn. Her eyes are fixed to her task at hand. She looks neither happy or sad. She does however, appear very content.

It is over thirty years since I last saw that picture. Nevertheless, I still remember it well.

I have no doubt that what made the photograph so memorable was the fact that my Great-Grandmother could actually spin wool.

This made me proud.

About fifteen years ago, my eldest daughter and I began to knit. To this day we continue to happily share this pastime. It did not take long for us to accumulate an impressive collection of a variety of yarns in just about every colour, both thick and thin.

About 10 years back, my Daughter shared with me her plans to learn how to one day, spin yarn.

I’m afraid that I did not share her enthusiasm.

Where, oh where, would we store the fleece, the spinning wheel, and all the other accoutrements needed for this wool gathering?

Just about every drawer and storage bin in my house contains yarn, yarn, and yet… even more yarn.

In spite of my misgivings, my Daughter made it clear to me that she was not going to give up.

My pertinent Daughter began to read all the magazine articles she could find on how to spin wool. She then watched spinning demonstrations on YouTube. Before I knew it, she was visiting local fibre stores and talking to people who knew how to spin. This was all in preparation for the time when she would be able to pursue her new undertaking.

And I am so very glad she did.

Two years ago, she was finally able to purchase her spinning wheel.

That was when she began creating some of the loveliest yarns that I have ever seen.

I am proud of her spinning achievements, and I’d like to think that her Great-Great Grandmother, the same one pictured spinning in that beloved photograph would be proud too.

Now, I have an incredible array of eclectic yarns, while local wool fibre artisans are being supported. Further, my Daughters dreams of spinning have come to fruition.

Everybody wins.

I love it when that happens.