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I’d like to share a conversation I had with a friend a few years back.

This happened as I arrived to visit her just after she moved into a new home.

When she answered the door, she was accompanied by her dog.

“Hi Muffy,” I said, reaching down to scratch behind the dog’s ear.

That’s when another dog began to bark outside.

My friend must have seen the worried look on my face as I looked up and down the street to see if there was a loose dog headed our way….

“That’s our neighbour’s dog, Buffy.”

“Ha,” I replied, “Buffy and Muffy, …funny!”

She then pointed to the opposite neighbouring house.

“And my neighbours in that house over there have a dog called Scruffy.”

I was beginning to sense a theme.

“Buffy, Muffy and Scruffy,” I said… “That’s hilarious!”

I stepped forward to enter the house.

However, my friend wasn’t finished with me quite yet.

“And do you see that blue Victorian house over there?” she then asked me.

I feebly nodded my head yes.

“That’s where Duffy the dog lives with his owners.”

I winced.

“And last but not least,” my friend continued pointing at the bungalow across the street…

“There’s another dog who lives in that house, and would you like to guess the name of that dog?”

“No,” I said trying not to cringe. “Tell me…”



In closing:

So there you have it in a short story

About dog owning neighbours whose names rhyme incorrigibly

Served with a helping of humour on the side

You know, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.