The first news of the day over morning coffee was of course the birth of the Royal Princess to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, publicly better known as Will and Kate.

I was surprised to find myself so delighted.

For the past 25 years we’ve heard of royal princes. I never knew how much I was yearning to hear news of a royal princess.

One of the last British royal born princess heirs to the throne was Princess Margaret and that was well before my day. By the time I learned of her she was already publicly perceived as a bad girl for wanting to marry a divorced man.

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth’s own daughter Princess Anne was similarly kept on a tight leash.


How times have changed.

Perhaps this is why am so looking forward to how the Royal Princess fares in today’s society. She will have fewer dark corners of divisive traps to fall into. Further, she will have the chance pick her own career, and hopefully be able to love and choose a partner she wants without fear of public reprisal.

It has been said that on their wedding day all brides and grooms are princes and princesses. In the same light, all sons and daughters born to us are our princes and princesses.

There is a good chance I won’t be the around to see the end of this princess’s story, but at least I can hold on to something at least as important.

Hopes for positive change for all our sons and daughters.