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My Father and I had a weekend ritual that I remember to this day.

It all started when I was six years old.

Every Saturday morning I had to go to German school from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

My parents insisted.

And yes, it sucked.

Dad would have to drive me clear across Toronto to the only public school that offered German lessons to children.

As we drove down Highway 401 and neared the Dufferin Street exit, the car would become very silent, and our eyes very sharp.

Both of us were looking for the same landmark, but who would be lucky enough to find it first?

Whoever would be the first to spot Yorkdale Shopping Centre would have the honour of holding their hand out to the other and say the following victorious words:

“You owe me a nickel.”

Sometimes I would win the nickel, and sometimes Dad would.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre was still very new at the time. In fact it was considered quite the jewel as it was one of Canada’s first enclosed malls with the most elegant stores.

Of course, a nickel is now worth a lot less than it was way back then. You could buy a whole loaf of bread for a nickel.

On the other hand, the memories of my Father and me playing this game has significantly increased in value.

In fact, I’d gladly give up all my nickels just for the chance to play this game one more time with him.

I’d even let him win.