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Anyone who has ever received a postcard from my Grandmother knows all too well of her affinity for brightly coloured floral stickers.

I loved those stickers.

You could find them in the stationary section of any department store. They were twenty-five cents a booklet, and you had to lick them to stick them as there were no self stick stickers way back then.

For quite a while I have been lamenting the fact that I will never again see those stickers, as they are no longer available.

Imagine my pleasant surprise as I was going through my Oma’s (Grandmother’s) old postcards when I found a postcard showing the Eiffel Tower. My Grandmother had affixed one of her lovely flowery stickers to the picture side of the postcard.

However, my joy soon turned to confusion when I realized that she had placed the sticker on the picture side of the postcard rather the other side, where they normally go.

Why would she do that?

It was only when I took a closer look at the photograph that I had my answer.

That was when I started laughing and shaking my head.

My wonderful Grandmother, a Minister’s wife, and impeccably mannered and proper, stuck the sticker where she thought it was appropriately needed.

Further, she never used that postcard either. No doubt, she thought that it was probably best to leave this bawdy postcard safely hidden within the pages of her photo album.

If only my Grandmother knew how much humour this postcard has brought me.

Which just goes to prove, you never know when, or where you will find joy, laughter, silliness. It’s nice to know that it’s entirely possible for the memory of a lifetime to show up anytime and anywhere.

Like right now.