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I grew up in a world that included starships and space flight, aliens and E.T.

However, I never thought that I would experience any of this other than on television or in the movies.

I was camping with my family at Bissell’s Hideaway Resort in Ridgeville, Ontario way back in the early eighties.

It was late and I was the only one in the family who had not yet turned in for the night. My husband and young daughter were already in bed. It wasn’t often that I got to keep company with a sky full of stars. Taking my time, I made sure that everything was properly tucked away, and that all the campfires were put out.

Just before stepping into the camper I took one last look up at the stars.

They were beautiful.

That was when a small glint to the left caught my eye.

It was too high to be an airplane, yet too slow to be a shooting star. Mystified, I continued to watch as it sailed across the night sky.

Strangely then, the light seemed to be gliding slower and slower as I watched it careen to where it was hovering directly above me.

That’s when the point of light came to a full stop.

For about ten seconds it did not move.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

Slowly, it began to move north, having made a ninety degree turn.

The light quickly picked up speed, and before I knew it, the speck grew dimmer as it moved faster and faster. Then, it zipped out of sight into the darkness.

Amazed, it took a few moments to get myself to move. My mind tried to process what I had just witnessed.

I would probably never see anything like it again.

It was now well past my bedtime. Oddly enough, once in bed, I fell almost immediately asleep.

After returning home a few days later, I told my Father what I had seen.

His response startled me…

“You saw a U.F.O,” he said without blinking an eye.

“Yes,” I replied, “an unidentified flying object.”

“Unidentified,” my Father reiterated.

“Exactly,” I agreed,

“We’ll never know,” he said.

“No, we’ll never know for sure.”

We never spoke of it again.