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Now that the snow is beginning to melt away and the sidewalks are visible again, I’m happy to report that the dogs and I just went out for our first long walkabout of the year.

Bobby wasn’t very happy about having to put on his navy blue Brock University hoodie but I just told him to deal with it.

Sophie didn’t slide into her red woollen hoodie as easily as she did in the fall. This means a bit of a weight gain for her. We’ll just have to do a couple of extra laps around the block before our next visit to Dr. Sam, their veterinarian.

During the dog’s check up last spring, Dr. Sam told us that the previous winter was so severe that there was significant weight gain in all of her patient dogs. One golden retriever put on twenty-four pounds. Sophie, fortunately weighed in with only one extra pound. Bobby, on the other hand still maintained his svelte physique.

The day is sunny and bright, but a tad frigid. I still needed mitts, hat and a scarf to protect me from the cold as I have no fur.

Deal with it, I told myself.

It was nice to see the dogs tend to their toilette au naturale, just the way they like it. Doggie bodily functions just tend to run better during a morning constitution on a nice day.

Oh, how much I missed this…

Needless to say they were very happy to be out and about again. They sniffed every gate post and dispatched their share of pee-mail.

I almost forgot to get out of the way when Bobby started kicking his legs back after one of his pees. His legs might be small but they’re mighty. He powerful scratches into the damp earth leaves deeper divots than a pro golfer.

It’s a rain of earthy clumps once his back paws get going. I cringe every time I hear one hit a nearby car. Sometimes I get covered in the stuff.

Bobby’s favourite part of the whole walk is a fence where we make a turn to head back to our street. That’s where all the wind swept leaves collect. He sure loves to wade through through the leaves of yesteryear. I think it’s the sound of the crunching leaves that really puts him in his zen zone.

Usually, both dogs prefer not to get there paws wet. However, on this landmark occasion, both Sophie and Bobby made sure that they got they’re paws all nice and muddy for when they get home.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.