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I’d like to take this opportunity to poke a little good humoured fun at my Mother with the following short story.

Don’t worry…

She just loved to poke fun at me whenever she could.

In fact, she never missed an opportunity.

Like all Mothers and daughters, we had our disagreements.

I liked Johnny Depp, she didn’t like Marty Stewart, she loved Fox News, I preferred CNN, she liked the republicans, I was all about the democrats.

You get the picture.

There were a few things we agreed on too.

Like Jaylo for example. We both agreed that we didn’t like Jaylo.

Then came the night that I got a phone call from her.

She was a big fan of the television show American Idol.

I wasn’t.

She never missed an episode, and made sure she kept me up to date on every episode whether I wanted to hear about it or not.

“Guess what?” …she asked me as soon as I picked up the telephone receiver.

“What?” …I said.

“I just went online and bought a set of Jennifer Lopez movies.”

Yup, I thought to myself… her obsession for American Idol is kicking in again. The same thing happened when Steve Tyler became a judge. After decades of turning the radio dial every time Aerosmith started playing, she suddenly became his biggest fan.

Don’t even get me started on Scotty McCreary.

I sensed a moment of confusion before asking her:

“Now why would you buy a set of Jennifer Lopez movies when you don’t even like her?”

“I love Jennifer Lopez, I watch her every week on American Idol,” she replied.

“Mother, Jennifer Lopez is Jaylo.”

There was a few moments of silence as she thought that one through.

“I hate Jaylo!” she replied.

I was smiling at this enigmatic faux pas of hers for days.

I don’t know whatever became of those movies that she ordered. When I packed up her apartment they were nowhere to be seen. That will remain as one of life’s little mysteries to me. Maybe she cancelled them. Maybe she burned them.

In closing, it’s a good feeling to know that even though she’s gone…

…She can still make me smile.

I miss her so…