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Many years back we rescued a five year old golden retriever named Hannah.

After we brought her home, we were so happy with her that we decided to invite another golden retriever, Hannah’s best friend, 6 year old Gemma, to come and live with us as well.

When I told my Father that we were getting a second dog, he recited the following, something he read somewhere, he told me:

“They say that two dogs are better than one dog…

Three dogs are better than two dogs…

And four dogs are better than three dogs…

However, five dogs ARE NOT BETTER then four dogs.”

Less than a year after that, we introduced a third golden retriever into our pack. Her name was Bailey and now at three dogs, she completed our dog complement.

And we learned that three dogs are indeed better than two dogs.

We had a full dog house.

As far as my father’s statement that four dogs are better than three dogs,


I’m just going to have to trust him on that one as we have totally ran out of couch space.

If anyone stopped by our place for a visit, they’d be regulated to the floor.

Which eventually led us to go shopping for more couches…

…but that’s a story for another day.

I once heard someone say that if you get one really incredible dog in your lifetime, consider yourself blessed.

How fortunate are we to have had three, and all at once too!

All three Golden Retrievers lived till they were thirteen before we had to say goodbye.

Now, we have little Sophie and Bobby.

Even though they are so much smaller than the Retrievers, we’ve found that they take up just as much space on the couch…

…And in our hearts as well!

***Photo above is me holding Bailey while I give Gemma a kiss. Gemma was still recovering from her breast cancer surgery which gave us an extra 6 months to be with her. #Blessed