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I was taught to be polite.

I’m sure that the same can be said of my cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents.

We were all well mannered.

Needless to say, it’s inevitable that from time to time someone breaks ranks.

Hopefully, the offending faux pas will be innocent, humorous and memorable.

Happily, this story contains all three of those qualities.

It was my Grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Friends and family had gathered in a reserved room inside the senior’s home for her birthday party.

My aunt did an exemplary job in making all of the arrangements. There were flowers, balloons, presents, cake, cookies, coffee and tea.

We talked, we sang, we laughed.

After two hours of non stop festivities, we could see that my Grandmother was quickly getting tired and starting to fade.

After we all said our goodbyes, she was taken by wheelchair into the hallway and steered towards the elevator. We all walked along with her thinking that it would make for a nice send off and hoping that our cheery smiles would keep any potential loneliness at bay.

As she was being wheeled into the elevator we heard her cheery and weary voice say as she waved us off…

“Thank you for coming.”

Then continuing on in her cheery and weary voice, the last words we heard her say before the elevator doors closed shut were:

“Thank you for going…”