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In the early morning hours, unable to sleep any further I picked up my knitting and settled into my comfy spot on the couch.

The sock that I’m working on is halfway done. It should have been finished long ago but I’ve continually set it aside in favour of finishing off much needed scarves and cowls.

Several days ago I noticed an impediment in the striping of the colours. Upon inspection I learned that I had dropped a stitch.

What to do?

The location of my knitting faux pas is just above the ankle, and I’ve knit half of the foot.

The mistake is a long way back.

Is the structural integrity of the sock in jeopardy?


Should I rip it back and correct?


Experience has taught me that this small blip is only cosmetic and nothing more.

Time is better spent finishing the socks than lamenting on a single black stitch that’s out of sync with the other stripes.

I welcome another lesson that life’s mistakes will always happen no matter how I strive to minimize them.

No longer do I feel a tug of guilt as I continue on my set course.

Rather, I feel rather liberated that I can let it go.

I’m beyond it.

I’ve moved on.

Yay me.

How about you?