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On the day that Lady Diana married Prince Charles in July 1981, we were visiting my Mother and Jim in Vermont. My Grandparents were there as well.

We all watched the wedding together.

What I remember best about the royal celebrations is not the wedding gown or the church or the musical interludes.

What I remember best is a statement made by the Archbishop of Canterbury who married them.

In his opening statement he said the following:

“We are all Princes and Princesses on our wedding day.”

This is very true.

His statement made before the entire Royal British family confirms what commoners have known all along…

That anyone can be a Prince or Princess.

This week I received confirmation from my youngest daughter that she has chosen her wedding dress. She even sent me a photo.

I have always told her that she is the hot pepper in my life. So, I had a bit of a moment when I thought of my youngest daughter wearing a wedding dress on what will be the happiest day in her life…

…and turning into a Princess.

This is the same girl who at four years old got up early one morning and mixed up a batch of cookies on my living room rug without using a bowl…

….The same girl who used up my expensive face moisturizer when she was nine years old. When asked why, she stated that she didn’t want to look old like me.

…The same girl who screamed in terror one morning just before leaving for school when I told her that she looked nice and how much I liked her outfit. She gasped in horror, screamed, then immediately ran upstairs and changed.

Yes, I will grant my daughter one day’s leave so that she can be a Princess on her wedding day.

However, this is to be for one day only.

She will then be expected to turn back into how I love her best:

…as the hot pepper in my life.