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When I was a little girl, my Father told me that if it weren’t for spiders we would be knee deep in bugs.

I’ve been very thankful for spiders ever since.

Growing up, I tried to teach myself not to be afraid of them.

It wasn’t easy.

I’ve come to the point where I no longer physically jump when I happen to catch sight of a spider.

However, finding one actually crawling on me is another matter entirely.

For obvious reasons, I refused too see the movie Arachnaphobia in favour of nurturing a more spider friendly environment.

I’ve also taught my daughters that we are a spider friendly home.

However, there was the odd time when I’ve had to listen to a heartfelt confession when one of girls would admit to me that she had to kill a spider because she was feeling physically threatened.

When Father found a spider in the house, he would not kill it, but rather evict it.

This was his process:

A clean and dry cup or jar was secured.

The cup or jar was then placed over the spider.

A flat piece of paper was then slid underneath the cup until it covered the entire top of the container.

Carefully, the container would be lifted while holding the paper in place thereby not allowing the spider to escape.

The container was carefully carried to the door where the spider was then released.

This also works well with bumble bees and ladybugs.


Now you know how to successfully evict a spider from your house.

I hope that you will try to be kind to your spiders too…

Or perhaps one day, we will indeed be knee deep in bugs.