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The first thing I did when I got out of bed was push back the bedroom curtains for some morning light.

I was caught off guard when I was suddenly met with an enormous icicle hanging from my eavestrough and filling the windowpane.

We spent the next several seconds staring each other down.

It was impossible to see past it.

It’s March 2, I thought to myself. The days of intense cold days are numbered. Sure, it may hang around for a while, but time is on my side.

I know for a fact that in one week, I will still be here and that the icicle will not.

There is no denying it.

I closed the curtains and tried to dismiss the monster icicle from my thoughts.

Heading downstairs, I pondered the similarities between the icicle and other annoying problems that I get caught up in, like my dishwashers insistence on skipping the rinse cycle and the laundry that never seems to end.

The more I thought about it, the more similar they became.

There have been times when the problems that preoccupy me seem gargantuan like that icicle. They seem cold and impenetrable, not to mention tenacious and unwieldy too!

But in the end, what’s an icicle but water?

In a month’s time it will be spring, and that icicle will be nothing more than a little wet spot outside my kitchen window…

…watering my crocuses!