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My daughter always had a way with scarves.

She began to shamelessly wear them after learning how to knit.

They look so lovely on her.

Several years back, after a bout of arthritis, my daughter suggested that I start wearing them. She said the warmth would help alleviate the pain.

She was right of course.

It wasn’t long after that when I asked what the secret was to putting on scarves. They always draped so nicely around her neck and shoulders.

Mine always hung like sad albatrosses.

Her answer surprised me:

“You have to wear it like you don’t care how it looks.”

Then she demonstrated her technique for me.

My daughter took off the scarf she was wearing and shook it out. Then, she virtually threw it at herself. The scarf landed perfectly around her head and shoulders.

Now, it was my turn to put on the scarf.

Doing exactly as she did, I put it on.

It looked like a hot mess.

In the years that followed I learned just to “wrap and go” without a second thought to how the scarf looks.

But first I had to nail down my own little secret.

What’s the secret you ask?

To never check the mirror.