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A friend and I were swapping family stories at work last night as we sorted mail bundles.

I told him a funny story about my Father, and then he told me a funny story about his Mother.

The story my friend told me, was about the time his Mother had asked him to deliver a bag of Swiss Chard to a friend of hers while on his way to school. She had just picked it from her garden, and had promised it to her friend, who lived along the way.

Later on, as he came home from school, he realized that he had accidentally thrown the bag into a garbage bin. He had not remembered that it was the bag that held the Swiss Chard.

When his Mother found out about it, she was of course, unhappy. She had to place an embarrassing phone call to her friend to explain that her son had accidentally thrown her swiss chard away.

“She never let me forget about it,” he said to me, rolling his eyes as he finished his story.

I quickly agreed with him. Indeed, there were many things I had done which my parents never let me forget either.

And that’s when I was struck with a thought…

As a child and even as an adult, both my parents loved to reminisce about the embarrassing moments in my life, that I tried so hard to forget.

Again and again, my misdemeanours were raised during conversations. There were many times that I had to bite my tongue, while they laughed and teased me about them.

These stories made me want to crawl under countless tables.

Now, both my parents have emanated into another dimension.

Oddly enough, in their absence, these stories have now become my friends.

Those unhappy memories that I spent my whole life trying to forget, have transformed into stories which bring me joy!

It brings me even greater joy to share them.