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Every now and again, I have an epiphany.

The word Epiphany, as per Wikipedia…

Epiphany (feeling), the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something.

My epiphany happened at work while I was sitting across the table from a co-worker, Miss H.

She and I were discussing the subject of reading.

“I don’t get to read much anymore,” she told me. “By the time I get the kids in bed I’m too tired.”

“I used to read a lot too,” I admitted. “However, I’m really frustrated that the majority of books that I’ve read over the years have all melded together and I can’t remember them anymore.”

Then I let out a deep breath and wearily confessed my fears…

“I sometimes wonder if all that reading was worth my time and effort.”

I could instantly sense Miss H.’s back stiffen. She then looked at me and said…

“Yes, but you did enjoy reading them, didn’t you?”

With that comment, I was stunned into silence.

She was right of course.

As I was leaving work, I spotted Miss H. by the exit doors and walked over to her.

“I want to thank you for what you said to me.”

“No need to,” she replied.

“I know what it’s like. Why just the other day I was trying to remember that book … you know the one, written by… what’s his name, and it was about, uh… you know that guy and the thing he did.”

We both laughed as we walked outside and went our separate ways.

Today, I learned this lesson:

Reading isn’t always about the plot, or to gain knowledge or insight. Sometimes, reading can just be about having some time to myself.

Reading can also bring people together in ways that they never expected.

For example, When Miss H. and I left work today we were both smiling.

Imagine that!

Thanks Miss. H.