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Okay, so maybe we don’t have flying cars and robotic maids.

What tickled me this week was the ability to be the proverbial fly on the wall while watching a grand event that was happening 1,382 miles away from me in Winnipeg.

My youngest daughter was picking out her wedding dress.

With a wedding coming up in September it was decided that it was more practical for her to purchase her dress where she and her fiancé lived rather than here, where the wedding will take place.

Certainly, it would have been exquisite to primp and preen her as she tried on one bridal gown after another.

However, my being there remotely via electronic devises was joyous nevertheless.

The best case scenario would have been the ability to FaceTime. However, because there was no wifi at the wedding salon that was not an option. Instead pictures were forwarded in real time along with a few exchanged phone calls.

It’s a good feeling to know that we can share tender moments even across great distances. All we have to do is…

“Carpe Dialum”…

Seize the cellphone.