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Many years back, I read a newspaper account of an incident between a young girl and Pope John Paul ll.

It happened at the World Youth Day 2002 which was held in Toronto Ontario.

The story goes that it was a very warm day as many young people queued in line for a chance to meet Pope John Paul.

Present in the line was a young girl around eight years old who patiently waited for her turn along with all the others for several hours.

As she neared the front of the line her family looked on with eager anticipation, holding their cameras ready for when their little girl finally meets the Pope.

At long last, the little girl was led by the hand up the stairs and across the stage to where Pope John Paul ll was holding audience.

And finally, she was introduced to the Pope.

Everyone watched as she leaned in towards the Pope and whispered something into his ear.

After she finished whispering into his ear, he leaned back and gazed at her intently.

Then, he leaned forward and whispered something back into the little girl’s ear.

And all at once, the little girl began to weep.

She was taken by hand and led across the stage and down the stairs.

There she was met by her family as she continued to cry.

When she finally calmed down, her family was anxious to find out what the Pope had said to her that made her cry.

“What did you say to the Pope?” Her Mother asked her.

“I told the Pope that I loved him,” replied the little girl.

“Well then, what did he say to you that made you cry?” Mother asked.

The little girl answered:

“He said….

…I love you too!”