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After my paternal Grandmother passed away in 1976, I remember my Aunt from Cleveland telling me how they had to go through all the books and magazines in the house looking for the money that they knew she had stashed away.

They found almost four hundred dollars.

Remember, this was 1976 when you could still get a new car for three thousand dollars, and bread was thirty cents a loaf.

The money had been gifts she received from her nine sons and daughters for celebratory occasions throughout the year like birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

My Grandmother was a very simple woman who had very few wants.

Grandmother, who we called ‘Oma’ told me that one day on a whim she bought a tube of lipstick. She only wore it once.

A diligent housewife, baker, cook and churchgoer, my Grandmother along with my Grandfather kept a beautiful garden filled with flowers, vegetables and fruit trees behind their modest little house in the Cleveland suburbs.

It brought them sustainable joy that lasted year round.

“She never wanted money,” my aunt told me.

“She told us that if we wanted to give her something to just send flowers.”

“She only wanted flowers.”

Yes, the four hundred dollars they found was a great deal of money then.

It could have bought my Grandmother many bouquets.

Some would say that sending flowers is frivolous and expensive.

I would disagree.

For some, there is a sense of joy that can be gained just by the presence of flowers in the room. Flowers whose lovely fragrance can be taken in for a momentary heady rush.

And then taken in again.

Some people, not nearly enough mind you…

….live for those moments.

And so, this being Valentines Day, I would ask that you consider giving someone you love flowers.

Yes, flowers can be fleeting…

…but so is time.