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Several years back I watched a television series called ‘The Astronomers’ hosted by veteran T.V. actor Richard Chamberlain.

There was one episode which I never forgot and still think about.

It featured one of Russia’s best known cosmologists.

Noble work indeed!

The show interviewed him along with his family at their home.

During one interesting scene, his wife explained to the camera that when her husband is at home, she can only delegate him to do the simplest chores around the house.


She said that he was always so preoccupied with his work and scientific theories that he was unable to concentrate on anything remotely complicated.

And so, his duties included fetching water, getting potatoes and clearing the dishes away after dinner.

Also noble work.

A little later on in the program, the Russian scientist then explained to the camera that he use to drive his car into work which was about a forty-five minute commute each way.

And then one day, he decided to sell his car and use public transit because he felt the hour and a half travel time would be better spent working on his theories rather than driving a car.

He found himself grateful to his bus driver, for doing the driving into the city each day.

Noble work as well.

If a world renowned Russian cosmologist considers bus driving, fetching the potatoes and clearing away the dinner dishes as noble work…

Then yes,

That basically makes most working class jobs noble work too!