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Remember how when we were kids, we were told the marvels of the future?

Well, there are those who would say that their dreams of the idealized 1960’s visions of the future have been utterly dashed.

Take my friend Mitch for example who visited Canada’s World Exposition, otherwise known as ‘Expo’ held in Montreal Canada during Canada’s centennial celebrations in 1967.

With the eyed wonder of a nine year old, this grown man told me all about Expo’s vision for the future and its impact on agriculture, society and yes, even space travel.

Indeed, it was wondrous for him to behold as a young child. However, in the end reality did not quite pan out as the wise ones expected.

Mitch’s biggest heartbreak is that we are still far away from any Jetson lifestyle that included flying cars, houses that cleaned themselves, robot maids, and silver lamé business suits.

My heart goes out to Mitch, and those who share his disappointment.

I have been more fortunate.

My dreams of the future have been realized.

Unlike Mitch, I did not aspire to silver lamé or flying cars.

What I had my eye on was far better.

It was 1975 when I went to see the movie ROLLERBALL on the big screen.

It starred James Caan and was about a future world in which disagreements between governments were settled in an arena in a deadly game of rollerball.

In the opening scenes of the movie, you see a tall elegant woman walking in her living room.

She approaches a wall unit filled with square boxes, much like a bookcase.

She removes one black square from a shelf then inserts it into a mechanical machine.

Then, she proceeds to sit down.

After a few moments a movie begins to play on the large screen in front of her.

“Whoa,” I thought to myself.

What a concept!

A movie library in your own home, to watch any movie whenever you wanted.

Less than ten years later, VHS tapes were available and in high demand.

Fast forward to the present and it is now possible to download movies and store them without the need for little plastic boxes.

And so my futuristic dreams have become reality and I am content.


A jet pack would be nice.