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My Mother was never one for fussing when it came to wrapping presents.

And that’s okay…

Each according to their own gifts, remember.

(No pun intended… Really.)

My Grandmother, on the other hand loved, loved, loved to wrap presents.

And the curling ribbon…

….Oh, the curling ribbon!

She would have so much curling ribbon on a gift that the ribbon looked like a little wig of colourful tresses.

And she would recycle her wrapping paper too!

She had been known to iron the wrapping paper she selvaged from a birthday party or other happy family gathering.

Whenever we went over to my Grandparent’s house for dinner, my Grandmother would always place beautifully wrapped little presents waiting for us next to our dinner plates.

The children usually got little toys.

I would get serviettes or a decorative little bauble or two.

And Frank would always unwrap his gift to find a pound of ground coffee.

Her greatest gift of all however came to us without fancy wrappings or curly, shiny ribbon.

It was her.

Her love, her exuberance, her wonderful nature…

That was the best gift of all.