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I loved my Grandmother very much.

She knew instinctively what it took to make her grandchildren happy.

Ice cream was one of those ways.

When I was a little girl, she would quietly take aside, look around to see if anyone was watching, and then carefully slip some money into the palm of my hand. Then she would whisper to ensure that no one would hear…

“This is for ice cream…”

…Don’t tell your Grandfather.”

With an obeying nod, I solemnly gave her my promise.

I’m sure my cousins share these same memories…

Yes, we loved ice cream, but Grandmother loved ice cream even more.

My Aunt once shared with me that when Grandmother came to visit the family for several weeks, she always left a little rounder than when she first arrived. I have no doubt that this stemmed from sharing her love of ice cream with all of her grandchildren.

So, now that she is no longer with us and has been taken up to heaven, I cannot help but wonder if she is in any way able to get a double dip.

As Christians, we were always taught that “God will provide.” Some would say that God will provide us with our needs.

Well, I know for a fact that for my Grandmother ice cream was a necessity.

So, when I get to heaven, I fully expect her to immediately take me quietly aside.

Then, like before, she will carefully slip some money into the palm of my hand and whisper:

“This is for ice cream…

…Don’t tell God!”