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When I cannot go to the inspiration…

I must wait for inspiration to come to me.

Case in point…

After several days of writer’s block, today comes the long awaited glimmer, courtesy of our dog who is a poodle mix, Princess Sophie named after a character in “The Davinci Code.”

It happens this morning as I’m outside walking Princess Sophie, taking in the winter air, melting snows and patiently waiting while she does her morning toilette. As I wait for her butt to drop, her playful attitude conveys to me that she has no interest whatsoever in what I want.

Instead, she insists that it’s time to celebrate anything and everything that seems remotely edible, and even a few things that are evidently not.

As she snuffles inch by inch through the grass, I cannot help but involuntarily stiffen each time she comes to an abrupt halt. As I watch in pending horror, she begins to thrash her snout deeper amid the ground salad of dried leaves, mouldy wet grass, sticks, and various clumps of dubious D.N.A.

I know it will only be a matter of seconds before she will raise her head, look me straight in the eye, and defyingly begin to noisily chomp on some treasured mystery munch.

That’s when I spring into action and begin the purging process.

It’s not pretty, but I usually win. That is, unless she manages to swallow it first.

So, what can I learn from this?

In a way, Princess Sophie’s scandalous joys are not too different from my own.

How often in life have I jumped the gun and taken upon myself things that seemed harmless enough on the outside, yet potentially disastrous for me on the inside?

How many times did family and friends spring into action when I was too daft to realize that my well being had been compromised.

And so it should be.

These days I’m more careful of what I take in, as I’m sure you are too.

Though, I can’t help but admire the “joi de vivre” of Princess Sophie.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to munch on something before you’re sure you know what it is. In this way, we learn new things, make new friends, carve new paths.

If your mystery munch works and is good for you, then celebrate!

If not, then all you have to do is spit it out.


Neatness does not count.

At least, not for Princess Sophie.