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I don’t know why, or where, or when, but sometime yesterday the word “Crepe,” popped up in my head after decades of lying dormant in my memory banks.

As I pondered this word, the most pleasant of childhood memories swept over me.

I mentally time travelled back to my 6th year, and am being shown how to make a crepe. I don’t remember who was showing me, but I believe it could have been one of many, for indeed making crepes seems to have been a family favorite. I have distinct memories of being coached by my mother, father, grandparents and aunts.

There I was, barely tall enough to see over the stove-top and staring anxiously at the frying batter as it sizzled in the pan. This was one of my first lessons in patience as I was sternly instructed to wait until the edges were faintly brown, and the middle had turned bubbly.

Then, and only then was I allowed the fateful flip.

Once the crepes were ready, we would all sit down to finally eat. Now, I was to be confronted by the most important decisions a child could make.

Would it be syrup or fruit?

My first instinct was to reach for the syrup. However, I watched as the adults around me were reaching for the jam. With a spoon they would slather a thick coating of red goo over the entire crepe then proceed to roll this into a fat, plump, roll of sticky sweet goodness was almost too much for my young senses.

As all these memories came back to me I deemed that today, there would be crepes.

Having bragged to my daughter that I was making crepes since I was six, I was a little nervous this morning as I began my endeavor.

On her part, in anticipation of my making crepes, Jen had purchases three peaches, and this morning fried them in a bit of butter with lemon zest & sugar.

Using a recipe found on allrecipes.com I mixed the ingredients and went to work.

By the time I poured my third crepe, I was feeling like a six year old again.

Before long, I was carrying a neat little pile of crepes to the dining room table where I found Jen and our two dogs waiting to be fed.

Happily, we all agreed that the crepes were a success.

This revelation now leaves me with a most puzzling question…

Why did I wait so long to do this?