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Harry Canary was born in that tiny little nest at a small pet store just like any other pet store you have visited.

His first vision was of three other little eggs just like the one he had hatched from.

Those eggs would be his two brothers Larry canary, Gary canary and sister, Mary canary.

Before long, the nest became very noisy with the constant peeping of the new little canaries Larry, Gary, Harry, and Mary. They kept mother, Cherry Canary very busy with her babies constant chirps to be fed.

Mother Canary it was very attentive to her new babies and was always feeding them.

Harry Canary however, was the loudest and the strongest.

Above his brother’s and sister’s peeps he’d cry:

“Peep peep peep
Cheep cheep cheep
Feed my beak or I won’t sleep.”

His little brothers and sister peeps were always drowned out by his loud cries for his Mother’s attention.

Before long, Harry Canary was the fattest of the four little birdies. Indeed he almost took up one third of the entire nest with his brothers and sisters almost being half his size.

More and more the mother Cherry Canary tried to satisfy Harry Canary’s hunger as he was almost always demanding more and more food.

And so it went until the little babies and not so little Harry Canary were almost ready to leave the nest.

Then came the day when the pet store owner forgot to properly close the cage after filling the mother canary’s seed cup with birdseed.

With the flutter of wings, mother canary found the open door which led to beautiful spring day outside.

She was quickly followed by Larry, Gary, and Mary canary.

They had all flown away leaving Harry Canary in the birdcage all by himself.

Harry tried once, twice, three times to fly out of the cage to follow them but found he could not because he grown too fat.

Alas, Harry was not able to fly. And so, in the cage she stayed until the pet store owner found the cage containing fat little Harry Canary.

One day, a family came into the store, and bought Harry Canary and took them to a brand-new birdcage in their home where they fed him lots and lots of birdseed.

To this very day he sings this song for his supper:


“Peep peep peep
Cheep cheep cheep
Fill my beak or I won’t sleep
I can sing, I can chat
Just don’t feed me to the cat.”