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Not long ago, I listened to comedian and political pundit Bill Maher talk about living alone.

I liked what he had to say.

He did not understand the stigma attached with those that lived alone.

All to often, people make judgements about people who live alone as unsociable, friendless, spinsterly, and destined to a life of loneliness.

He reminded his audience that at one time, living alone was a sign of affluence and independence.

And he’s right.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when one does not need to monetarily rely on another.

As my two daughters were growing up, I impressed upon them that it is a good thing to be an independent adult and not to rely on others for sustenance and shelter.

In my workplace there are many people who are unattached and I can’t help but cringe when people teasingly imposing love matches on them.

It’s so high school.

Thanks Bill Maher, for addressing this subject which continues to unnecessarily haunt people who are doing their best to get by in this world and for getting this message out there.

And so in closing…

No matter who you are…
Or where you are…

Be well for where you are…
And for who you are.