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It’s always a good day when I can add a story to my story telling arsenal, and today was a very good day.

While driving through North Carolina today, we tuned into Charlotte’s public radio station WFAF FM 90.7.

They were featuring a segment on the PLAY ME I’M YOURS project spear headed by Luke Jerram.

In this project which began in 2008, pianos are placed in public places to encourage people to sit down and play with the keys. Whether someone has had formal training or not is unimportant. What is important is the opportunity to play around with the keys or just listen to someone else play.

So far, over 500 pianos have been placed in cities around the world including Toronto.

Luke says you never can tell who can play or who cannot when a curious passerby sits down.

Then, Luke went on to tell the story which prompted this post.

The story began with a young girl and her Mother as they passed by a piano.

After they both sat down on the bench, the Daughter began to play…

And she played beautifully…

Later, Luke learned that the Mother had taken on a second job so that she could afford to give her daughter piano lessons.

They had no piano at home.

And so, she had never before had the opportunity to hear her daughter play the piano.

…Until that very moment.

And the Mother could not hold back her tears.

What a happy moment that must have been for both Mother and Daughter.

Certainly, it is a moment they will always remember…

…And a story that I will never forget.

For more information on this project including videos, you can find it on the web under…