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I learned yesterday of a contest being held by Disney where the grand prize includes a one night stay inside Cinderella’s Castle located at the centre of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

What an incredible prize for a lucky little girl I thought to myself.

But then I immediately corrected myself.

Why would this be special to only little girls?

I have two grown daughters. One is in her thirties and the other about to enter her thirties.

They both grew up on Disney.

Indeed, we made our first rip to Disney with our eldest in November 1984.

It was truly magical.

Since then we have made four our trips which included my youngest daughter.

Both daughters have seen every Disney movie that has come out since then, adored every Princess, memorized every lyric, received and purchased a ton of Disney memorabilia.

They have been living the Disney Dream for almost thirty years.

Woe be to anyone who tried to tell me they were too old to win a night in Cinderella’s castle.

And so, I went to the website and read over the rules.

The contest is open to Canadians and the prize must be redeemed by December 2015.

There was no mention of age requirements.

So far so good, I thought.

Next, I pushed the website’s ‘ENTER’ button hoping to be led to the site with the form asking my name and email address.


I was let to a page informing me that in order to enter I would have to disable my internet security systems to allow for third party cookies.

This would allow them to track me.

Or to put it more simply in Star Trek terms, they wanted me to:

“Lower my shields.”

Not likely Disney, and shame on you for even suggesting that.

Have you no respect for the right to privacy?

Do you really want to lurk in the dark corners of my internet security systems and spy on me?

If so…

You have become the very beast that your Disney movies vilify.

Self centred.
Control obsessed.

How far is TOO FAR Disney?

Another example of how the love of money is the root of all evil.

Because of this I cannot help but feel that somewhere a fairy has died, and that there are scores of Disney Princesses weeping.

If I had a star to wish upon right now, it would be for Disney to cut all its ties and strings that connect them to the greedy shareholders, marketing firms and multinational banks…

And become ‘REAL’ once again.