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On the first of September
During summer’s last days
I came to these mountains
My heart led the way

In a well seasoned rocker
I abandoned my cares
And sat silently watching
The hummingbirds and bears

A dove keeps me company
in a tree to the left
I can’t help but wonder
if she feels lost or bereft

We sit silently watching
Through the fogs and the rains
I’ve so much to learn from her
She never complains

The wind sweeps the clouds
Till the air’s clean and sweet
I survey all the mountains
I can hear their hearts beat

Like being deep in prayer
Or lost in a Psalm
They cleanse me, they heal me
They fill me with calm

On the eighth of September
My days here were done
The rocking is over
My knitting is done

Dear Lord hear my prayer
As I commit to your care
This house and these mountains
The hummingbirds and bears