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In ’72 my Mother bought herself a sweet Grand Prix
Biggest car you ever did see
We knew that we were in for lots of fun and drama
The day my Mother told us that she named her:

“Big Mama”…

Way back in the summer in ’74
Big Mama took us cruising on the Chesapeake shore
My four Carroll Sisters were the sweetest little cuties
As we raised the car roof while singing to the Doobies…

Quiet Kim could always put our hearts aglow
We begged baby Sister Doe to give us a little show
How we laughed till we cried when she sang us “Disco Duck”
Pappy called us all trouble
And we didn’t give a cluck…

And then there was the time in fall ’75
Up to the Fair Big Mama did drive
I talked up all the Carnies and flirted all night
While Cindi and Crystie danced in the moonlight…

On the last summer days of ’76
We had rum on our tongue and smoke on our lips
And Big Mama’s stereo was cranked good and loud
To Chicago’s chart topper
“If You Leave Me Now”…

To me, Summer ’77 was Big Mama’s finest hour
It had nothing to do with her size or her power
Pappy dressed up in tissue flowers and she looked so fine
And then she got me to the wedding chapel on time…

Well, Big Mama got old and she’s now long gone
Sister Cindi asked if I could write Big Mama a song
It took two days for me to write these little old rhymes
So we could remember Big Mama and all the good times…

❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤