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I can see in your eyes

That you wear a disguise

Can it be that the truth

Is elusive as youth…

Not wanting to pry

I will live with your lie

Since the face is amiss

I will tell you just this…

Paint me the mask

that you want me to see

With your brush firm in hand

Let your colours run free

I will not stand in judgement

Please allow me the grace

I will see what you ask

When you paint me your mask.

Let the red stand for anger

And the blue show your hunger

Let the green show your peacefulness

The purple your wistfulness

When the mask has been filled

With your painting enough

Stand back when I show

How I’ll paint it with love.

And then when comes the day

Finally you can say

Of this mask you grow weary

You wish me to see clearly

You no longer can hide

What is real, what’s inside

Set the mask bright aflame

With no worries or shame.

So paint me your mask

Is all that I ask

Keep me not at arm’s length

Let me give you the strength

To be what you’ll be

When you sit next to me

I will not turn away

Next to you I will stay.

And when pain rains on down

Brown and blue are your crown

When you have no more strength to give

I’ll give you the will to live

Yes, I’ll give you my love

I can’t say it enough

We’re forever as friends

And ever…..


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *