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Each year, at Christmas time my employer, Canada Post engages children to write to Santa Claus and then promises that Santa will write them back.

Sure enough, each November after Toronto’s annual Santa Claus parade kicks off the Christmas season, the children’s letters begin to pour in by the thousands.

Then, hundreds of elves…

(Canada Post employees)

…volunteer their free time to answer the children’s letters as they come in from all over the world.

Everyone in the plant knows the process of making sure that each letter finds itself into the hands of an elf. There are red boxes throughout the plant from which the Santa letters are collected.

Each letter is treated like gold, as they are truly precious.

Imagine my surprise one day when I found myself holding a letter addressed to:

….the Grinch!

This is the character invented and lovingly brought to life by dear old Dr. Seuss.

I was completely caught off guard.

We had no process for how to handle letters addressed to the Grinch.

What to do?

All of a sudden an idea formed in my head.

After taking a few moment to formulate my plan I finally sprang into action.

I took a long look around.

Seeing my target in the far distance, I set my course.

The thought of handing this letter to my supervisor did not nearly reach the level of grinchiness I was looking for.

A letter such as this called for my boss’s boss’s boss.

It was with great pleasure when I finally caught up with him that I held out the letter and said:

“This is for you…”

Taking the envelope from my hand he took a quick glance at it, smirked, and then tucked it neatly into his shirt pocket.

Deed done, I turned and left him alone to his thoughts.

Game set.


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