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It happened one Christmas in Gettysburg.

My husband and I decided to do some Christmas shopping during our visit to this quiet little Pennsylvania town best known for their epic three day American Civil War battle that took place in July 1863.

We pulled into the parking lot of an average mid-sized department store.

We parked directly behind your average mid sized car.

However there was nothing average about this car.

Attached to the roof of this car was a large platform covering the entire length of the vehicle.

Set atop of this car-roof platform was an elaborate nativity scene.

I’ll repeat that:

Set atop of this car-roof platform was an elaborate nativity scene.

It was huge!

The attention to detail was exemplary.

The scene was even complete with artificial snow and a Christmas tree.

I have never seen anything like it.

“Why would someone do this to their car?”

…I asked myself

Then I asked myself:

“How does it stay up there?”

I considered that a valid question as the wise men stood what looked like three feet tall.

Even though everything looked stoically stuck up there, I certainly wouldn’t want to take that show on the road. I’d be in fear for that poor sucker caught behind me getting pelted by the three wise men not to mention Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus.

Eventually, I was able to turn my thoughts back to Christmas shopping and we headed inside the store.

Entering the store, I wondered who among these shoppers owns that ridiculous car?

There would be no way to tell who it was.

Certainly, the car owners would look like everyone else…

Then, after we pulled out our buggy and started heading down aisle number one, we caught sight of the owners of said car.

I had no doubt whatsoever that these two people, a man and women owned that Christmas car outside in the parking lot.

How did I know this?

Both of them were wearing almost an exact replica of their car roof ornament on their head by way of incredibly elaborate Christmas hats that towered at least eighteen inches into the air.

Big, larger than life, and unforgettable.
The circumference of each hat appeared to be double that of a Mexican sombrero.

In other words, these hats were pretty flipping big.

Intense even.

Further, I would say that each of these hats were at least eighteen inches in height.

The last time I saw this couple, they were heading towards the hunting and sporting goods aisle…

And they didn’t look happy.

At that point, we decided that we had encountered more than enough Christmas spirit for one day and decided to call it quits on shopping.

And so, if you ever find yourself in or around Gettysburg…

Or anywhere else…

During the Christmas season, keep a wary eye out for these two people and their car.

And should you happen to see them on the highway, please remember to keep a safe distance.

We all know that the three wise men came bearing gifts.

I just don’t want them to become part of your radiator, or have any of the wise men crashing through your front windshield.

Be afraid.

Merry Christmas.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *