I work with some pretty fantastic people.

Keep in mind, that I work in a mail plant where we process up to a million pieces of mail a day. That’s a lot of mail to move in an environment of loud and physically demanding machines that can process almost 50,000 mail pieces an hour… each!

It’s easy to get lost in the routine, dust, sweat, aches and pains to the point of where you don’t care about appearances. All that seems to matter is how long before quitting time, so that one can go home and feel human again.

One day, I remarked to a coworker, how lovely she looked.

Indeed, her carefully applied makeup was flawless, and the small items of jewelry she wore were both pretty, and appropriately tasteful for the working environment.

She thanked me and then said:

“You know, there’s a bunch of us that sit at the same lunch table, and we’re all single working women who just don’t get out much. So, when we’re together, we try to look nice….”

And then as if she were placing the finishing cherry atop an ice cream sundae she ended her statement with:

“…We do it for each other.”

For me, this was a profound lesson in courtesy and respect for your fellow coworker that will not be soon forgotten.

It also showed me that she has a heart as lovely on the inside, as she is lovely on the outside.

Thank you M.

It’s a pleasure to know and work with you!