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Now that the toy buying season is upon us, for the last little while I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed playing with Barbies.

How wonderful was that?

It was a very good feeling when you popped open your Barbie Suitcase or emptied your bag on an outstretched blanket in the middle of the park. Remember the instant effusion of fashion, colour and fun?

Do you recall the little mini Barbie fashion magazines that came with an official clothing purchase? That was my very first introduction to haute couture. I was only four years old.

There were a few lucky girls who had acquired all things Barbie thanks to their affluent family ties. However, most of us had a tolerable amount of Barbie clothes.

And then there was the communal wedding dress…

There was one credo though, that was shared by us all, whether you came from an affluent family or not. And that was…..

…no Barbie should ever have to go naked!

Naked Barbies were a very sad and sorry sight, (unless they were in the process of being changed of course.)

And still to this day, the thought of being able to find only one Barbie shoe still makes me very sad.

It was surprising at how far girls could stretch and manipulate a very limited amount of Barbie clothes. When times were desperate I would take to needle & thread, crochet hook, even fabric remnants and craft Barbie fashions of my own.

Indeed, I remember times when a new Barbie initiate had only a swimsuit or single dress in her possession, then we would rummage through our bags for bits and pieces of garb that we were willing to part with. Mind you, these would tend to be well worn, and most likely in need of several stitches, but nevertheless, these small tokens were welcomed by the needy recipients.

I’ve lost track of what Barbie is up to these days, but I have no doubt that her figure is still perfect and that she has not developed the obligatory grey hair and other challenges that come with age.

I am happy to report that I still have my original Barbie doll given to me way back in the early sixties. She’s a bit scarred here and there mind you. Her red bouffant hair has regrettably, had a bit of a trim, and her left hand has lost a finger thanks to one of our former dogs, Mr. Itchy. Otherwise, she is good….

…better than me in fact.

P.S. My Barbie is currently as naked as the proverbial jay bird.

Any and all donations are welcome!

P.S. (Sigh… I’ll save my darker thoughts on 1960’s brainwashing, gender assumptions and society’s insistence that young unsuspecting girls adhere to conformity for another day.)